Bienvenido al Viaje

Welcome to the Journey. I am an herbalist and junglist based in Asheville, NC. As an ethnobotanist I have travelled extensively to learn about the culture of herbalism and plant healers while sharing my experiences with students and other aficionados of herbalism. As I embark on my next journey I hope to share with you reflections of my personal medicine: a woven tapestry in my soul of herbalism and drum and bass music. I also hope to maintain the demands of my work as a nonprofit director by experimenting as a digital nomad. I am traveling for the most part alone, on a dime and with only a small bag. I have had my heart broken this year and I have experienced several months of health crisis. I have worked hard to bring health back into my body and this journey is my way of bringing health back into my heart. Here I will share stories of herbalism, drum and bass, being a digital nomad, traveling on a dime and the challenges and gifts of seeking healing roots and soul sound. During this next trip I will be visiting Colombia, Iceland, UK and Lithuania. I will share what it is like for me to gain the confidence of traveling alone after being in relationships most of my life. I will share what it is like to be profoundly swept of my feet by a new-to-me music genre while in my 40s. Thank you for joining me as I explore these themes in my life.


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