I am an Empty Flower Pot. Liberal Thoughts on Synchronicity, DnB & Cala Lily: Bogotá

46625597_1949968635084199_3578667150182711296_nToday as I strolled down the busy alleys of Candelaria, Bogotá I found myself drawn into an old little courtyard of what used to be Biblioteca Pensamiento Liberal Colombiano (Colombian Liberal Thought Library). After enjoying a quaint lunch and sipping giddily on a Colombian coffee I perused a bit of the garden and got lost in my own liberal thoughts for a while. I was really taken in by a huge empty clay flower pot. What are they planning for that pot? What would I plant in that pot if it was in my garden.

Wait. I AM THE POT. Right now I am at the onset of a journey and I am deep and open. I 46654549_1102098173286815_1488553300205764608_nam aged and mossy and I am sitting amongst a garden of Cala Lilies waiting to be filled. What am I going to plant next? What kind of seeds await sowing within me? What kind of soil will give way to my new roots. My future sits there like an empty huge old clay pot ready to be nurtured.

I don’t have many plans for this journey. Honestly, I don’t have many plans for life upon my return. I feel like I am being drawn toward something but I sit in the unknowing.

“I’ve never been as happy as I am now, because I followed the signs, I was patient, and I know that this is going to change everything.”
― Paulo Coelho

So I follow the signs. I see the little magical things that arise in my life. I am taking note. How did I get here. I am in Bogotá the land of my lineage. How did this happen and why now. I pay attention to the synchronicities that seem to be sprinkling on me like little miracles of water droplets in the desert I had become.

42893257_2156659764367580_8683303010601795584_nWhy does that darn photo of the Bogotá skyline keep popping up on my FB? Is it a sign? Because that full moon over Bogotá is summoning me. Should I follow up? Google flight search: $280 roundtrip. Unbelievable. Can I afford an Airbnb? That guy in Asheville appears out of nowhere to sublet my rent. I am impulsive. I book a flight and make a plan. Two weeks to plan.

Wait? Does Bogotá have Drum and Bass. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Drum and Bass scene in Bogotá? Google search. WHAT?! There’s a Halogenix show the very weekend I will be there. An honest to God all night Drum and Bass show fucking 4 miles from my Airbnb at Klan Club.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 10.01.26 PM
Friction:  Biltmore Connect -Timo’s House

OMG it’s 11:11 on 11/11. I am working the door at the Friction show in Asheville, NC. I need to dance. My favorite garden of Cala Lily fam surrounds me in a cacophony of dance floor vibration. It is my heartbreak music and the bass is the comfrey to my soul, activating the composting of my pain into humus.

I am planning to catch some shows in Europe but I wish I could see Hybrid Minds. After44178842_10156728121602856_1176809172109361152_n a summer of profound and necessary deep darkness I emerge into a place of words. Elements and words articulate my feelz. Repeat and replay. Repeat and replay. Maybe I can sing again. I am thinking that maybe there’s a way to squeeze in an extra trip to see Hybrid Minds. But it’s not convenient. It’s too expensive. It’s not doable. Nope. Sad reacts only (as the kids say). A few days later I discover the full lineup for Viper Recordings Matrix & Futurebound album launch. I have had tickets for this show for months. Guess what? Hybrid Minds is appearing. I almost fainted. It is another little miracle in my emergent oasis of existence.

46645621_1900316656752188_8983823817923100672_nBut right now I am in Bogotá Colombia. Land of my people. I have never been here. My Mami has not visited her birthplace in 40 years. As blessing would have it my Mami and little sister spark some magic of their own and jump on my thunder flight plan to Bogotá. Here we are like a dream, my Mami pointing out the few old sites she recalls as a little girl to her two daughters. It is Thanksgiving. It is exactly one year since I last saw Kenny alive (My mom’s partner of 22 years). He opened up like never before around the Thanksgiving fire recounting stories about Vietnam and aliens. We are in Bogotá and we remember Kenny as we sip on our coffee in the courtyard of liberal thought.

I forgot something important. I need my ally. I meant to grab a sprig of Rue on my way46687636_353389752080348_19619749910544384_n out to the airport. I am still vulnerable. I need protection. Rue shall protect me. I forgot to bring Rue. It’s Ok. I summon Rue energy in a daydream of sorts. We arrive to Bogotá and we get settled in our efficiency Airbnb. First thing in the morning we shall explore our neighborhood, Chapinero Alto. I need salt. We need fruits and snacks for the week. The very first shop we enter, the very first aisle we walk through, right there, my Mami shows me. Look. It’s a little bunch of flowering Rue. The only Rue in the herb display. Rue found me. It is a sign. We are being looked after.

Enjoy Today’s Drum and Bass Music Selections:







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