Sacred Sites: Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

All photos taken by Mimi Hernandez. Click on any photo to enlarge and scroll through album: The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania is in essence a collective work of glorious and sacred art. My imagination’s description conjures up a steampunk holy ground and can’t help but think of the Walking Dead junkyard artists. If they... Continue Reading →

2018: Shooting a gun not pointed at myself, Reflections on unburdening, Goodbye Timo’s House.

Face your Fears, Close the Cycle: The most profound trauma in my life I wore on my sleeve for 30 years (actually I bare it as a scar on my leg). It represented a badge of fear, of secrecy, of shame. The secret is out. I no longer sweep things under the rug. Having confronted unbearable... Continue Reading →

Bienvenido al Viaje

Welcome to the Journey. I am an herbalist and junglist based in Asheville, NC. As an ethnobotanist I have travelled extensively to learn about the culture of herbalism and plant healers while sharing my experiences with students and other aficionados of herbalism. As I embark on my next journey I hope to share with you... Continue Reading →

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